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2024 Ordinances

ORD.2024.01 - Planning Commission Term  

2023 Ordinances

ORD.2023.01 Water Dept. Position Changes  
ORD.2023.02 RV Park Standards  
ORD.2023.03 Establishing a moratorium regarding Nightly Rental Applications  
ORD 2023.04 Adopting ACSSD Development Procedures Design Standards and Construction Specifications  
ORD. 2023.05 - Home Occupation License  
ORD. 2023.06 - RV Resort Ordinance  
ORD 2023.08 - Art I of Chptr 19 Consolidation of Lots Parcels  
ORD.2023.09 - Amending Official Zoning Map Wasatch Builders  
ORD.2023.10 - Agricultural Zone A-0.5  
ORD.2023.11 - Commercial Design Standards  
ORD.2023.12 - Nightly Rentals in MPDO Zones  
ORD.2023.13 - Nightly Rental Ordinance  
ORD.2023.14 - Cemetery  
ORD.2023.15 - Home Occupation License  
ORD.2023.16 - MU-20  
ORD.2023.17 - Nightly Rental Ordinance  
ORD.2023.21 - City Council Meetings  
ORD.2023.22 - Noticing Requirements  
ORD.2023.23 - Planned Commercial Zone  
ORD.2023.24 - Business Licensing  



2022 Ordinances

ORD.2022.01 Business License 
ORD.2022.02 Public Facility Reimbursements
ORD.2022.03 Grading Ordinance
ORD 2022.05 Zoning Administrator, Grading Permits and Plans
ORD 2022.07 Flood Control
ORD 2022.08 Drug Nuisance
ORD 2022.09 Nightly Rental
ORD 2022.10 City Manager
ORD 2022.11 Rim View Drive - Perm. Closure
ORD 2022.12 Firelight MPDO Re-Zone

2021 Ordinances

ORD.2021.29 City Council Meeting Day

ORD.2021.27 Density Calculations with MPDO Overlay Zone

ORD.2021.26 Planning Commission Election Time and Term 

ORD.2021.25 Zone Change

ORD.2021.24 Cemetery

ORD.2021.23 Vacating a portion of Rim View Drive

ORD.2021.22 Building codes and valuation

ORD.2021.21 Lot line adjustment

ORD.2021.20 M1 Light Industrial zone

ORD.2021.19 BMP Business and Manufacturing zone

ORD.2021.18 PC Planning Commercial zone

ORD.2021.17 HC Highway Commercial zone

ORD.2021.16 NC Neighborhood Commercial zone

ORD.2021.15 MU-20 Multiple Use zone

ORD.2021.14 Multi Family Residential zone

ORD.2021.13 Single Family Residential zone

ORD.2021.12 AG zone

ORD.2021.11 Temporary Fireworks Ban

ORD.2021.10 Eliminating PDO ordinance

ORD.2021.09 MPDO amendments

ORD.2021.08 Time of day watering parameters

ORD.2021.07 Standards and Specs - road cross sections

ORD.2021.06 City Manager

ORD.2021.05 Business license term and payment dates

ORD.2021.04 T-3126 zone change

ORD.2021.03 Reciprocal business license

ORD.2021.02 WCSWD amendment to billing

ORD.2021.01 Special Event Permit