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A Message from the Mayor on Covid-19

1 years ago

Mayor Lynn Chamberlain, March 24, 2020


Fellow citizens of Toquerville,

In the past two weeks I have attended several virtual meetings with other mayors and local community leaders, all dealing with the Corona virus emergency.  The most recent meeting featured Governor Herbert and Lieutenant Governor Cox.  May I say that I am proud to be a Utahn.  The leaders of the State, Counties and Municipalities are working so hard with local businesses and governmental support agencies to try to stem the flow of this virus and get us returned to normalcy as soon as possible.  This cooperative approach is essential to see that we handle this crisis with the least amount of damage to our economy.


Utah appears to be ahead of many of the other states in a proactive stance against this invader.  The link below will take you to a plan that is being implemented as we speak.  It is called the “Utah Leads Together” plan.  This plan is dynamic in nature, and will flex with the changing needs of our situation.  With our cooperation it will help us make great strides in decreasing the time that we will feel the negative effects of this outbreak.  It goes much farther than that.  It not only deals with the urgency that we are seeing now but addresses what happens when we do get it under control and start to restore life to its normal state.  I encourage you to take a look at it.  It will give you hope and help you understand what you can do to help out in this fight.

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