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2024 Resolutions 

RES.2024.01 - Solid Waste Representative Appt
RES.2024.02 - Southwest Mosquito Abatement Rep. Appt
RES.2024.03 - HVFSSD Representative Appt
RES.2024.04 - ACSSD Representative Appt
RES.2024.05 - ACSSD Mayoral Appt
RES.2024.06 - PC Compensation
RES.2024.07 - UFS Business License Partial Year Fee
RES.2024.08 - UFS Commercial and Land Use Fee
RES.2024.09 - Annual Meeting Schedule











2023 Resolutions 

RES.2023.01 Uniform Fee Schedule - Farmers Market Fees
RES.2023.02 Uniform Fee Schedule - Public Improvement Inspection Fee Park Pavilion and Ball Field Fees
RES.2023.03 International Dark Sky Week Proclamation
RES.2023.04 Uniform Fee Schedule - Neighborhood Market and Home Occupation Fees
RES.2023.05 Uniform Fee Schedule - Cemetery Fees and Commercial Culinary Connection Fees
RES.2023.06 Uniform Fee Schedule - Update Encroachment Application Permit Fee
RES.2023.07 Discharge of Fireworks
RES.2023.08 Amateur Radio Week
RES.2023.09 Amending FY 22-23 Budget
RES.2023.10 Adopting Proposed FY 24 Budget
RES.2023.11 Wasco Justice Court Interlocal Agreement
RES.2023.12 Uniform Fee Schedule - Photocopy Fees
RES.2023.13 Elected and Appointed Officers Compensation
RES.2023.14 Uniform Fee Schedule - Hydrant Meter Deposit, Park and Subdivision Fees
RES.2023.15 Constitution Week Proclamation
RES.2023.16 Cancel Municipal Election
RES.2023.17 Arbor Day Proclamation
RES.2023.18 Uniform Fee Schedule - Business Licensing, Cemetery, Land Use and Park Fees
RES.2023.19 Elected and Appointed Officers Compensation
RES.2023.20 Uniform Fee Schedule -  GRAMA Fees and Culinary Water Meter Fees
RES.2023.23 2024 Annual Meeting Schedule
RES.2023.24 Uniform Fee Schedule - Public Improvement and Standby Fees