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2019 Resolutions 

RES.2019.15 Designation of Mayoral Representation to Ash Creek Special Service District

RES.2019.14 Annual Meeting Schedule 2020

RES.2019.13 Personnel Policies and Procedures - Holiday Leave

RES.2019.12 Fee Schedule - Zone Change Application Fee Revision

RES.2019.11 2019 Appointing Poll Workers and Alternates in the 2019 Municipal Election

RES.2019.10 National American Indian Heritage Month

RES.2019.09 WaterSMART Grant

RES.2019.08 Constitution Week Proclamation

RES.2019.07 FY2019-2020 Adoption of Final Budget

RES.2019.06 FY2018-2019 Amending Budget

RES.2019.05 Discharge of Fireworks

RES.2019.04 Uniform Fee Schedule - Perpetual Fees, Storm Drain Fees, and Removal of Walking Tour

RES.2019.03 Toquerville City Policy and Procedures

RES.2019.02 Arbor Day Proclamation

RES.2019.01 Reclamation Grant

2018 Resolutions 

RES.2018.27 Toquerville City Annual Meeting Schedule

RES.2018.26 Washington County Special Service District #1 - Solid Waste District - Representative Appointment

RES.2018.25 Southwest Mosquito Abatement & Control Representative Appointment

RES.2018.24 Hurricane Valley Fire District Representative Appointment

RES.2018.23 Ash Creek Special District Designation of Mayor Representation to the Administrative Council

RES.2018.22 Ash Creek Special District Designation of Representation to the Administrative Council

RES.2018.21 Utah Local Government Trust Agreement

RES.2018.20 Fee Schedule Changes - Nightly Rental Application, Large Parcel Subdivision Application, Ballfield Rental Application, Appeal Authority Application, Administration Fees

RES.2018.19 Floodplain Manager and Emergency Management Coordinator Appointment

RES.2018.18 Arbor Day

RES.2018.17 Alpha One Antitrypsin Deficiency (Alpha - 1) Awareness Month Proclamation

RES.2018.16 National American Indian Heritage Month Proclamation

RES.2018.15 Constitution Week Proclamation

RES.2018.14 General Fund Transfer

RES.2018.13 Toquerville Employee Medical Stipend

RES.2018.12 Washington County HCP Expansion Bill

RES.2018.11 FY 2018/2019 Adoption Final Budget

RES.2018.10 2018 Amended Budget

RES.2018.09 PTIF Designation

RES.2018.08 Discharge of Firework

RES.2018.07 Fee Schedule Update

RES.2018.06 Fire Code of Secondary Access and Development of AHP Subdivision

RES.2018.05 Budget Amendment General Fund - Economic Development

RES.2018.04 Ash Creek Special Service District Representative Appointment

RES.2018.03 Southwest Mosquito & Abatement Representative Appointment

RES.2018.02 Hurricane Valley Fire Department Representative Appointment

RES.2018.01 Washington County Solid Waste Representative Appointment