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Historic Aerial

Historical Aerial

Ash Creek

Ash Creek

The Mesa

View from South Toquerville

The View

Toquerville, nestled in Pine Valley’s shadow.

It's the People

Center Street Park

Toquerville Aerial

Toquerville Cemetery

Toquerville Cemetery

Toquerville Aerial

Toquerville Aerial








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Mayor Lynn Chamberlain's Welcome Message

Whenever I tell someone that I live in Toquerville, they invariably comment on how beautiful our little town is and how peaceful it makes them feel to travel down its tree-lined streets.  We do live in a beautiful, relatively quiet, little town, but there is much more here than you can see from the street.  For over 160 years people have been living here and enhancing this community with hard work and love.  Love for the surrounding hills, love for the dirt under their feet, love for their family and friends and love for the people that make this place what it is. Toquerville’s greatest asset is the people who call it home.  There is a spirit among the folks that live here.  It causes us to take pride in our town.  To work together to keep it beautiful. To greet each other as friends when we pass on the street and assist one another when we are in need.  It is a beautiful place to live no doubt.  Nestled among the red hills of Greater Zion and at the foot of Pine Valley Mountain.  With green, well kept yards and fertile fields.  Still it is the people that really make Toquerville what it is.  The very center of our universe.

-Feel free to contact us via e-mail with any questions concerning the city, using the link on this homepage.

-We can also be reached at (435) 635-1094.  Our city office building is located at 212 N Toquer Blvd. and is open 9:00 to 4:00 Monday through Thursday, except holidays.